Natural remedies for eczema in babies

Toddler eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a skin disorder that affects about 15% of the babies. It is represented through patches of red skin, which usually is rough, dry, and itchy. Infant eczema mostly appears on baby’s cheeks, even though any part of the baby’s body can be affected. It is well known that this disease does not have a long-term solution. It is settled as a chronic disease that has its own remittance and relapsing episodes. Any treatment is worth trying. It means that the dryness and inflammatory should be stabilized. Therefore, the traditional medicines and homeopathic cures for atopic dermatitis should have a try. There are also some natural remedies for eczema in babies, which deserve a chance of controlling the skin hydration levels.

Nature is our best solution when it comes to diseases that have chronic background and almost no chance of permanent healing. Several natural remedies for eczema in babies are used in the fight with the inflammation and in hydration of the rough and dry skin. Every one of these treatments is suitable for home usage. The easiest and common solutions are found in the ordinary habits. The infants should be exposed to sun just a few minutes a day. The sunrays with ultraviolet action reduce the inflammatory of the delicate baby skin. Homemade ointments and lotions that contain chamomile and calendula should be used constantly. The irritated skin should be covered with wet gauze for mostly 10 minutes a day.

Honey with its beneficial properties belongs to the group of natural remedies for eczema in babies. It has antibacterial and antiviral attributes which locate the inflamed skin parts. The baby’s skin treated with honey is likely relieved from redness and irritation. The application is simple: honey is spread over the irritated skin with massage movements. Another honey solution is also available. A honey drink can be made for the infants that may consume liquids. A teaspoon of honey mixed with a squeeze of a lime and a glass of water on room temperature is a morning drink that helps in minimizing the symptoms.

Natural remedies for eczema in babies: oil moisturizers

Oil moisturizers are good in treating eczema in toddlers. They help in locking the moisture in the baby skin after taking a bath. This is managed because the damaged skin hinders the retention of the skin’s moisture. Hypoallergenic baby moisturizing oils are suitable for usage. In order to make the process more natural, anyone should try the treating recipe related with natural oils. Olive virgin oil finds is usage as a massage treatment on the irritated baby skin. Linoleic acid, which is contained in it, is also a part of our natural skin content. It means that this oil fills the skin weakness that is caused by moisture loss. Coconut organic oil has the same purpose and that is why it is also a part of the natural remedies for eczema in babies.